RV Satellite TV

Automatic satellite TV dish are a popular choice for many. It saves the time of setting up and tuning a tripod ground model. You can also purchase an auto deploy internet dish. They are more expensive than a regular TV dish however. The MotoSat Executive is mounted on the roof of your motor home or RV trailer. Since they are higher off the ground they have less chance of the  signal being blocked by trees or other obstacles.
Regular TV channels or HD channels can be viewed. HD channels will require a different type of dish than regular TV channels. Some automatic internet systems will have the ability to have both internet and TV available. An extra horn called "bird on a wire" is added to the internet satellite dish. With digital TV channels now available on the internet, you may find an internet dish will accommodate most of your TV viewing needs. VOIP (voice over internet protocol) phones can also be used on these systems. Depending on the service package purchased. 

Even in strong winds the automatic dish will usually stay locked on the "bird" (satellite) signal. Some systems will have an automatic stow on the dish if winds become too strong and may damage the system. Different service providers can also be used on one dish. Using your remote control to find your service provider name and apply settings. You will need the receiver that corresponds with the service provider. Some people will carry several different types of receivers so that they can switch out and watch the one they prefer. For instance you may have poor reception if you travel to another state or country. Different TV providers have different satellite footprints. Instead of having to change satellites, you can change your provider. You will of course need to have a current subscription for which ever provider that you want to use. It might be best to see if you can find their satellite first before you switch the receivers. 

Most modems will have pre-programmed satellite settings already installed. Several different satellites can also be locked onto. This is also programmed using your receiver and modem. It depends on your location which satellite will have the best foot-print (satellite coverage area). Having the luxury of satellite TV is nice for viewing the news channels and staying up to-date on world events even while you are in remote locations. You might have a favorite program on TV that you like to watch and this gives you the ability to view the current series episodes. If you do already have an internet satellite, Data Storm Forums is a place where you can interact with other users and find trouble shooting help as well.