Many recreation vehicles see light use and stay in near new condition for many years. High quality construction with advanced engineering designs have produced portable comfort and convenience. RVs are also used at work sites for on site accommodation. Some people choose in their retirement years to sell their house and full time in a big motor coach or 5th wheel trailer. In North America places such as Yuma, Arizona cater to RV enthusiasts and every resource needed or wanted can be found. The author has personally spent a couple of winters in Mexico and found many Americans also travel to Mexico in their RV. They spend the winter and find their prescription medicine much cheaper and some also chose to have dentistry work done. It is recommended to get good reviews from several sources before choosing to use an international dentist. Their work will not covered when you return to your home country. Here is a list in no particular order of some online sites where you can shop for used RVs. Note that link will open a new window.

RV interior